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Spider Spray History

Radar is the newest weapon against bed bugs! Bed bugs are infesting the United States and making people’s lives miserable. Bed bugs are difficult to detect at low-levels and this is when they are easiest to get rid of. Often bed bugs go months without even a trace being seen.

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Team Members

Kevin Thorn

Kevin Thorn - The Boss

Kevin is the owner of Spider Spray. He is responsible for the overall workings of the company, hiring, technical direction, training, research, and handles Radar, the bed bug detection canine. He has years of experience and loves his job.

Ethan Scharman

Ethan Scharman - The Charmer

Ethan is Spider Spray’s lawn expert. If Spider Spray has fertilized your lawn you have probably met Ethan. Ethan is a great people person and also is very good at what he does. Thanks for the green lawn Ethan!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you may have other questions, so feel free to ask any of our office staff or our technicians while they are at your home.

Q. Is the pesticide safe?

A. The pesticides we use are the safest in the industry. They have all been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for use in residences, commercial offices, restaurants, hospitals and even supermarkets. We always read and follow the labels so you and your family are kept safe.

Q. Should I leave the house while its being treated?

A.The pesticide we use for general pest control will not harm you or your family if you are in the home while we are spraying. It is even safe if you are a pregnant. The only thing we ask is that you, your children and your pets do not come in contact with the insecticide while it is wet. If you do, do not panic, just rinse immediately with plenty of water or a slight irritation may occur.

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Happy Customer Guarantee

All of our services are backed by our Happy Customers Guarantee.

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98% Accuracy Guaranteed

Radar can detect live Bed Bugs with 98% accuracy.

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